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Final Major Project: 1:1 Summary Notes – 27th February 2018

Notes from my recent 1:1 with Wendy McMurdo – recorded here for reference and action.

We discussed my progress to date. Wendy commented that my strengths in my submitted project proposal were:-

  • Clear presentation of the proposal from start to finish

  • Clear articulation and description of the public outcome i.e. the exhibition

  • Realistic shooting and production schedule

  • Realistic budget

  • Appropriate images used throughout the proposal

The remainder of the discussion concerned the production of the exhibition.

Key points:-

Consider the work of:-

  • Mary Reid Kelley

  • Rachel MacLean

  • Richard Prince – Instagram work

  • Ralph Eugene Meatyard

  • Helen Levitt

  1. Work on exhibition proposal – layout of images etc

  2. Try not to over-complicate the exhibition – let the images do the talking

  3. We discussed my recent laser cutter experiments with frames – pursue this further once I have some images to print. Need to produce one frame with image and text for discussion.

  4. Need to consider scale of images for print

  5. Referring to Instagram would make the project explicitly about social media rather than a broader online image conscious world

  6. Central core of work is outside work vs. studio work


  1. Hanging studio work together

  2. Hanging monochrome work together

  3. Have a wall of masked images

  4. Have adjacent wall for the piece with text

  5. Consider work that hides and exposes identity

  6. Extreme contouring – studio session already scheduled for 8th March 2018

  7. Series of portraits

  8. Outlandish make-up

  9. Grotesque, exaggerated and overboard

  10. Tight crops – headshots only – 85mm lens

  11. Work could have a social documentary feel with an unexpected nature. Black and white works well for this.

  12. Surreal feel to images

  13. 35mm film images discussed – agreed black and white images were more effective than the colour versions

Consider printing options:-

  • The Darkroom, Cheltenham

  • Falmouth University Printing

  • The Printspace, London

  • Trial when I have images ready.

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