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Final Major Project: Celebrification

Celebrification is defined as “regular” or “normal” individuals being transformed into celebrities through their participation in mass and undirected self-disclosure of their private thoughts and feelings. They do this via social media channels.

There is an increasing visibility of the “ordinary” person on social media. They are able to transform themselves into media content that gets shared and liked around the world.

In recent times, celebrification has become a much more familiar mode of self-presentation online.

Social media has empowered us to become producers of online content and not just consumers of it. We are able to replicate the celebrity-like behaviour of reality television stars and actors etc. We can create and share our photographs and personal thoughts over social media channels.


Yue, Z., Toh, Z., and Stefanone, M.A. 2017. “Me, Myselfie, and I: Individual and Platform Differences in Selfie Taking and Sharing Behaviour”. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society. Toronto, ON, Canada, 2017. Available at: [accessed 1 June 2018]. New York: ACM.

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