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Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – Image 4


Figure 1: Lash Obsession 2018 Jo Sutherst

Mirroring the obsessive nature of selfies, this image was a challenge to complete.. These images are not digitally enhanced but instead are of me wearing many different pairs of false lashes in around 90 minutes. As I am allergic to the adhesive used, this image was always going to be a risky one to complete. With the help of makeup artist and friend, Alley Stallard, I set out to achieve 9 images. When we achieved that the obsession kicked in. I became obsessed with creating a bigger and bigger picture. I only gave up when my eyelids were so stuck together that it hurt to free them (see video at bottom of post).

During the exhibition, this image created much amusement. Viewers were amazed at the variety of false lashes available. There were also many comments on the obsession of the concept and execution of the image.


Figure 2: Viewers 2018 Jo Sutherst

The image names are created from the makeup reference numbers in the supporting booklet.




#august2018 #FracturedIdentities

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