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Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – Image 5


Figure 1: The Mask of Divine Proportion 2018 Jo Sutherst

(Marquardt Beauty Mask)

The “golden ratio” proportions are found throughout nature. Dr. Marquardt carried out research that led him to develop a mask that defined a mathematical beauty code for the human face. In this image, I take the mask, apply it to my face and then edit my face in Photoshop to make it conform to the mask. The resultant image is in the bottom left-hand corner.

I chose to edit my image to meet the confines of the mask, and also to leave the edges of the edited images to show the degree of warping needed for my face to fit the mask. I have plans to develop this idea further by developing an interactive website where visitors can edit their own uploaded image. This is a tall task as I will need to learn how to code this (but it is an area of expertise for my husband, so I am hoping for a lesson or 2).



Self with mask of divine proportion

Edited self with mask of divine proportion

Edited self

A video to support this image.

During the run-up to the exhibition and the event itself, this image has been the most talked about image. Viewers have been fascinated by the idea of a perfect face according to this mask.

This image is the inspiration for my next project. The domains for this project have already been acquired:-

The intent is to make the ‘Mask of Divine Proportion’ project as participatory as possible. Visitors to the site will be able to upload their image and manipulate it. The project is in its infancy at the moment and is planned for late 2019 release.

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