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Final Major Project: Exhibition Venue Selection

Having made the decision that my work should be exhibited, I set about searching for a venue.

I chose to contact venues within a 35 mile radius of my home. Looking at this radius drawn on a map (figure 1), I decided on a few locations to start the search.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 13.34.44 (2)

Figure 1: 35 mile radius around my home. (Free Map Tools, 2018)

Venues I considered included Bristol and Stroud, as well as those based in the Forest of Dean. I decided on looking for availability for either of the weeks commencing 23rd July 2018 or 30th July 2108. This will allow for a full write up and evaluation ready for the module hand in date.

After careful consideration, I decided that I would book the Lansdown Gallery in Stroud. My decision was based on both cost and where my work would best fit.


Figure 2:, 2018

The bohemian market town of Stroud is a deliberate choice for my exhibition venue as it has attracted and inspired artists for over a century. These include Victorian designer William Morris through to today’s celebrity artists, Damien Hirst and Dan Chadwick. The contemporary art scene in Stroud is vibrant and exciting, with many international artists exhibiting in the town throughout the year.


Figure 3: Stroud Life Drawing, 2015

The Lansdown Gallery offers a town centre location that is easily accessible to all, including a wheelchair accessible entrance. The room benefits from windows along one side that provide consistent light in the gallery space, which adds to the ambience of the room and the viewing experience of the gallery visitors.

The body of work is aimed at a broad audience and should appeal to the creative inhabitants of Stroud.

The floor plan of the gallery is shown in figure 4.


Figure 4:, 2018

My intention is to display images along 3 walls. The total length of the walls available is 19.48m (although allowance may need to be made for the store cupboard door). My images will be framed, and wire or mirror plate hung. There are several plinths in the gallery space which will be used for mask display and postcards, business cards, etc. A table and chairs will be in the space too. This will be used for discussions with visitors. Tea and coffee making facilities are available for use.

Venue Choice

“Fractured Identities” will be exhibited at the Lansdown Gallery in Stroud (figures 1 and 2) for 2 weeks commencing 23rd July 2018. The exhibition will open 10am – 4pm everyday, with a private viewing 5-8pm on Friday . The private viewing will incorporate my artist’s talk (which will be recorded) at 7pm.


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Figure 4: 2018. Hiring Gallery Floor Plan | Lansdown Hall & Gallery. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Feb. 2018].

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