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Final Major Project: Invigilating the Exhibition

Boy, it is hard work! Being in the gallery all day every day is very tiring. I found after a few days, I needed to increase my Addison’s Disease medication in order for my body to cope.

But, this was very useful and rewarding. I was able to engage with my own work and with my audience in equal measures. Visitors were keen to express their views and to talk about the issues my work raised.

The role encompassed that of an interpreter, facilitator, guide, and technician to sort out issues with digital photo frames etc. I had discussions with visitors daily about whether or not we can trust a face online and how it causes issues for some people.

Being able to explain my intention, the visitors were able to experience the work as I had intended. Getting feedback from them directly has also been incredibly useful for my future work. I know that I have received more feedback than some of my peers and that, I believe, is down to invigilating the exhibition myself.

I also love the reaction of visitors to my work. It adds validation to the ideas I set out with. Prior to the exhibition, I was doubting the power of the work. Seeing it on the wall every day for 12 days and listening to visitors, I now believe in the strength of the images.

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