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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Talk – Anna-Maria Pfab – 20-02-18

Key points:-

  • Would recommend internships – just be selective in where

Agents are:-

  • Sales managers

  • Marketing and social media managers – lots of work comes from Instagram, and some is commissioned especially for Instagram

  • Edits work

  • Project managers

  • Produce estimates

  • Licensing managers

  • Negotiators

  • Business owners

Photobooks are not always the best option for publishing work – ‘The boom is becoming a boomerang at the moment.’

  • Not economical

  • Not sustainable

  • Each book needs a financial model

  • Normal book publisher gets less than 40% of the sales price

  • May ask the photographer to pay around 15000 euros to publish the book

  • Hard to compete with Amazon these days

  • May offer book direct from publisher to increase profit

  • Uncertainty in the book market

  • Books can be great for a career if done at the right time

  • Not many people see project if it is a photobook – too expensive

  • Maybe an idea to make cheaper copies and send 20-80 books to people you would like to work with

Need to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want a photobook?

  • What are you hoping to achieve?

  • What price are you aiming for? Why?

  • Alternatives to books:

  • Concertina type

  • Moving image – particularly for commercial clients

  • Books as apps – check out

Many photographers do not retouch their own images

  • Hard to find really good assistants

A good assistant:

  • Collects lights

  • Never late, really early to shoots

  • Unpacks equipment

  • Sets up

  • Friendly

  • Does anything asked

  • Takes initiative

  • Could even make the tea if asked

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