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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Workshop – Film Scanning – 17-02-18

The second workshop that I attended at #iopSymposium18 was a film scanning workshop. Each participant brought along negatives to scan. I decided to scan both colour negatives that I took with me and the black and white negatives I developed earlier in the day.

The workshop covered the following topics:-

  1. 24 bit vs 48 bit

  2. 24 bit = 8 bits of colour per channel

  3. 48 bit = 16 bits of colour per channel

  4. you will notice the difference mostly in the smooth gradients of colour (eg in sunsets etc)

  5. you will not notice a difference in contrasty images

  6. more information is better for working in Photoshop afterwards

  7. All monitors are 24 bit, so if you are only displaying online then 24 bit is sufficient

  8. 48 bit is better for printing

  9. 48 bit files are bigger

  10. Save files as TIFF to retain all the detail

  11. Check out for real world performance of scanners

  12. Images are scanned in reverse with the emulsion side up

Images from the workshop are below:


A selection of my scanned negatives:

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