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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Workshop – Prep for Print – 18-02-18

The fifth workshop that I attended at #iopSymposium18 was the very useful preparation for print workshop.

Keypoints from workshop:

  1. Be organised – for each shoot have the following folders

  2. Finished Images (JPEG and TIFF)

  3. Finished Negative Images (if film)

  4. Negative Edits (if film)

  5. Original Digital Files – Do not edit

  6. Swatches and Technical Folder (for screen grabs of settings or layers)

  7. Open initially in Bridge before going into Photoshop

  8. Star rate your images

  9. You can edit those with the same lighting in Bridge

  10. The department do not use Apple screens with their Macs – this reduces the brightness of the viewed image to something more realistic for printing

  11. Always send test prints to the printers before sending whole job – these are usually small sections of the print at full size to check the resolution is ok

  12. Department monitors are calibrated to their print shop

  13. Print in Adobe RGB

  14. 8 bit = 16.8 million colours

  15. 16 bit = trillions of colours

  16. Online dpi = 72

  17. Printing dpi = 300 (maximum capacity of printers)

  18. Untick resample box in image size when resizing your work

  19. Matt paper loses the detail in the shadows

  20. If your monitor is not calibrated to the printers, send 2 test images – one at +40 in the colour balance and one at -40. You can adjust from there.

  21. Before printing, flatten image. Set to 300dpi and size correctly to suit the paper size.

After the workshop, we were sent a copy of the Powerpoint notes for future reference.

This workshop was perfectly timed for understanding how to organise and prep my images for printing for my major project.

Images from the workshop:

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