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Final Major Project: Pecha Kucha Presentation and Feedback

The first task of the module was to produce a Pecha Kucha style presentation. This involves 20 images displayed for 20 seconds each. The idea is not to have too much text on the slides, but to talk about your work as you present it.

I had technology issues with the bandwidth of the participants in the session and the firewall on the school network. In the end, I had to present my presentation in the absence of peers on a different platform, using my mobile’s hotspot to get around the firewall issue.

The recording below was made and uploaded for comment in the module forum. It is not a professionally recorded version, so there are sound issues as slides transfer.

Feedback centred around a discussion and left me to determine the answers to the following questions posed by the module leader:

Who? Why? Where?

  1. Who are you going to photograph?

  2. Where are you going to photograph your subjects?

  3. Why? What do you want to explore in your work? Why the mask, what do you want to achieve?

The presentation was good experience and really useful preparation for the project proposal. I was able to verbalise my practice so far and determine a route map for the remaining journey.

#January2018 #PechaKucha

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