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Final Major Project: Portfolio Review and Discussion – Dinu Li – 19-02-18

Notes from my recent portfolio review and discussion – recorded here for reference and action.

Key points:-

  1. Interrogate the objectivity and subjectivity of photography

  2. Loved the use of flash in new work – gives it an eery feel. Makes it strange and speaks about the staging of the image and my role in that.

  3. My work prompted a discussion about how Pop Art challenged what is considered to be art by using images appropriated from our culture and advertising etc.

  4. We discussed the challenge faced when abstract expressionism was overtaken by PopArt – led us to question if we understand the person when we look at a photographic portrait

  5. Photographs can extend the conversation by offering questions

  6. 14th century Renaissance was obsessed with mannerisms

  7. The code in images allows us to read them

  8. Background colour choices – white=open and black=closed and compressed like Caravaggio.

  9. Images better without border in some cases

  10. Masked image shown is a bit sinister with the secateurs – who is it? See figure 1

  11. Not providing the answer to everything in the images invites questions


Figure 1: Sutherst. 2018. Secateurs


Research the work of:

  • Rothco

  • Lichtenstein

  • Warhol

  • Becker family

  • Thomas Ruff

  • Thomas Struth

  • Sophie Calle

Consider and question the gestures of my participants

  • Are they natural to them or are they copying advertising and the gestures used by rockstars?

  • Consider my work from the point of view of mass media itself. Who copied who? Rockstars or ordinary people? Who had the nuances first?

  • Ask the question ‘where in the world can we be ourselves?’

  • Consider placing small masked images within larger layout – up high etc. Get the viewer to look at them through a zoom lens – they become a voyeur

Consider the following in my work:

  • Observation of the images

  • Distance and intimacy

  • Neighbourhood – spying on neighbours

  • How to try and create intimacy in an unfamiliar environment

  • Familiar or alien

  • Do we perform? Are we natural on surveillance cameras? Even if we don’t know they are there?

  • When can we be normal or natural? What does this look like?

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