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Final Major Project: Portfolio Review and Discussion – Jonathan Simms – 19-02-18

Notes from my recent portfolio review and discussion – recorded here for reference and action.

Key points:-

  • My images portray authenticity

  • Image of Pip is a real stand out – figure 1

  • Look to produce a portfolio with a more extensive body of work along the lines of Pip’s image – e.g. 4-5 more portraits of different people

  • The black background is very theatrical – it is all a performance

  • Image of rabbit masked man in the overgrown area is an enigmatic image – figure 2.

  • It represents mythological creatures in the landscape

  • My portraiture is very considered work which makes it stronger

  • Some may have the subject bringing too much to the shoot

Figure 3 raises the questions –

  • Who is the person?

  • Are they a stalker? A pedophile etc?

  • Do we need the mask?

  • Would a straightforward portrait be more sinister?

  • Images highly constructed and manufactured – how can we produce a sense of self?

  • Make sure they are not too literal


Figure 1: Sutherst. 2017. Pip


Figure 2: Sutherst. 2017. Rabbit man


Figure 3: Sutherst. 2018. Secateurs


Research the work of:

  • Stephen Gill – Instagram feed

  • Thomas Ruff – nudes. Also JPEG series

  • Michael Wolf

  • Norwegian photographer (look up) – considers dreams

  • Wendy McMurdo

How can my choice of visual language support my ideas?

Direct all sitters more to increase the strength of the images even more

Consider image and text or image and sound for the public dissemination of the work.

Take photos of people who look ‘normal’ and distort them optically through experiments.

Consider other processes like collage and cameraless photography

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