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Final Major Project: Publication via BJP Online

In early June 2018, I was thrilled to be contacted by Gemma Padley, a photography writer and editor. She explained that she was writing a native editorial article about Falmouth Flexible for bjp-online. She asked me if I would answer a few questions based on my experiences. She also asked for some images that could be used in the article.

The finished article:


The Interview Questions and My Answers

Why did you want to do a course like this?

For a few years, I had been considering a masters degree. Most of the courses I found that were suitable would have involved me giving up work and relocating. This was not an option. When the Falmouth Flexible course started, it offered the course I wanted with the flexibility to be able to study when and where I chose to.

What are the advantages of learning in this way?

Being able to choose when and where you study enables you to continue to work (which helps fund the course and the project work you choose). I have also been able to access resources and professionals around the globe. The online environment has opened up opportunities and experiences that may not have been available to me in a site based course.

I have been able to develop relationships and work collaboratively with others regardless of their geographical location. This experience is, I feel, invaluable in the today’s online world and has prepared me for future projects. I recently received a collaboration request from a photographer in the USA! I am sure that that would not have happened before I started the course.

Favourite aspects of the course/ what have you enjoyed most or got the most out of?

There have been challenges in returning to education after a long break, but I have loved every minute so far! The face to face events have been good for meeting up with peers and tutors alike. I have been to Paris, Krakow, Amsterdam, and Falmouth for events. Each of these has enabled development of working relationships with people and allowed me to appreciate photography to a greater degree. Some of us in my cohort have arranged other face to face events during the course and I imagine that this will continue after we have finished.

I am appreciative of the input of the Falmouth staff. As a photographer, I have developed my practice tremendously since starting the course in September 2016. I am due to finish in August 2018, and now know who I am as a photographer. I am confident now in my practice and I never thought when I started the course that I would be currently preparing for a 2-week solo show that involved self-portraiture work.

Would you recommend others follow suit, and if so, why?

Absolutely. I have not once regretted my decision to join the course. I was a bit lost before starting the course; I produced ‘nice’ images, but always thought there was more to it than that. I now know that I was right to think that. The course content and feedback given to me have facilitated my development and allowed me to become who I am meant to be as a photographer. Being able to achieve this without relocating and still working has given me the best of all worlds.

The images I sent:-

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