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Final Major Project: Putting on Makeup

“I am “making up” my face today, inventing a story for myself. Which face do I want to present to the public? Do I want a smoky eye, a crimson lip, or a “dewy” cheek? Do I want to seem sultry, beautiful, professional, or innocent? “Fresh-faced” is always a good look for someone like me; I think it’s better than the opposite – haggard? tired? zombified? Do I want my made-up face to seem like a “better” version of myself, or just a “refreshed” one? Or like a version of myself that I don’t normally present – a character, a fairy tale, an actor. Putting on makeup involves playing a part, and using cosmetics to create an illusion.”

– Rebecca Plante in (Waskul and Vannini 2016: 165)


Waskul, D. D., and Vannini, P. 2016. Popular culture as everyday life. New York: Routledge.

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