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Final Major Project: Selected by…

As part of the Source Graduate Online Photography 2018, Source commission a number of respected figures from the world of photography. These selectors choose their favourite sets of images from all the work submitted. The work is then featured in the online selection, as well as printed in a supplement that I distributed with the magazine.

On 22nd August 2018 at 22:02 hours, I received the very exciting email from Source:-

“Hi Jo, I’m delighted to be able to inform you that your work has been chosen by one of this year’s selectors for the project (Maxwell Anderson, Founder – Bemojake Books). Your work will feature both in the online selection and in the printed supplement that will be included with the next issue of the magazine. Congratulations!”

Source asked for a copy of image number 1 and image number 5 (sequence as they appear in my submission on the site). Only one will be used, but having 2 allows for flexibility in the design of the supplement. The required format was:-

  1. Saved as a JPEG

  2. 300 DPI resolution

  3. CMYK colour

  4. 22cm in height

I was able to make these changes in Photoshop and send through in good time.

I am honoured and thrilled to have been selected and cannot wait to see the online selection and the printed supplement. These will be posted to this CRJ after the final deadline for the FMP.

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