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Final Major Project: Shoot FMP#1 – Iain – 11-02-18 – Digital Shoot Montages

To explore the use of sequenced images, I selected four of each activity and created panels of views. Having completed the exercise, I am unsure if they portray the correct narrative. In each case there are strong images and weaker images. This creates issues for me in the success of the montages. I am concerned that the weaker images will detract from the stronger ones and leave the viewer confused and uninterested.

At this stage, my personal preference is for individual images, so I asked for feedback from other people to see what they think about the sequences .

Feedback from peers:

“Definitely black and white and not colour. Colour detracts with far too much detail, but subtle shades of black and white allow you to focus on the actual narrative.” – Chris Northey

“You are right in saying there is a danger the weaker images pull some of the strength from the others. Do they have to be grids of 4? Would triptychs work better, like a story with beginning, middle and end? There probably needs to be more of a difference between each image even if it is only fairly subtle; a couple of the groups have two shots that are far too similar.”- Chris Northey

“There is a very strong element of performative imagery of the 60’s / 70’s whereby the performance was the actual artwork and the photograph merely acting as evidence the performance happened.” – Chris Northey

“The pictures themselves are excellent quality. I don’t think there is enough difference from image to image. If you created a story, say, called The Gardener and then took one shot from each sequence and put them together as a new sequence then that would definitely work.” – Philip Morris

“I guess it’s about your intent. Sequencing used as a progressive story, such as arrival, action, departure or perhaps as an allegory? In which case your selections of four do not achieve that. In summary they are like contact sheets awaiting the yellow pencil to pick out the hero image and leave behind the zero, to quote Hido. The groups are too similar. The eye is drawn to differences rather than the message.” – Philip Singleton

This feedback confirms that my initial concerns about the images are well founded. I will continue to explore individual images, but will also consider the suggestions above as I progress through the project.


Figure 1: Sutherst. 2018. Secateurs 1


Figure 2: Sutherst. 2018. Secateurs 2


Figure 3: Sutherst. 2018. Ladder


Figure 4: Sutherst. 2018. Bin Day


Figure 5: Sutherst. 2018. Land Rover


Figure 6: Sutherst. 2018. Sweeping

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