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Final Major Project: The Exhibition – The Visitors

Visitor numbers to the physical exhibition were very pleasing. The gallery staff did comment that the numbers were unprecedented. The gallery is located close to the town centre but is on a oneway road where parking is difficult. This means that visitors need to walk to the venue and often people do not go along that street unless it is on their way, as there are limited shops along it.

visitor numbers

I believe that my publicity and advertising for the exhibition contributed to the success. Not only did I publicise the event on social media channels, I also invested in printed advertisements, posters, and flyers. Also, having BBC Radio Gloucestershire come along to the private view to interview me, also contributed to the numbers of people wanting to see the work. In addition, several visitors (especially in the second week) told me that they had had friends visit the exhibition and recommend it to them.

All in all, I am very pleased with the numbers for my first solo exhibition.

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