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Informing Contexts – 'And'

I set this week’s mini project.  I decided it would be interesting to see what the cohort could produce for the subject ‘and’.  I wanted to produce images that were not obvious, but clearly fit within the topic.

Series 1 (above) is called ‘Black and White’.  These are close up shots of my cat’s fur using the iPhone7 and Hipstamatic.  My choice of this technology again is to challenge me to create interesting images without the resolution and flexibility of the d810.

I am pleased with the composition of these and think they really work as square crops.

Series 2 (above) is called ‘Grey and Clay’.  The images were again shot using the iPhone7 and Hipstamatic.  this time is was a choice due to location and the wriggly-ness of my horse!  He cannot stand still and needs to see what you are doing.

I wanted to portray the anguish that owners of grey horses face at this time of year.  It is too warm for the horses to wear rugs in the fields, but the ground is wet and horses relish rolling in the muddiest parts of the field.

After I published these images, a member of the cohort commented that my work is reminiscent of Helen Sear’s work ‘Grounded’.  I hadn’t made this connection to Helen’s work before it was mentioned to me.


Figure 6: Helen Sear. Grounded No.1. 2014


Figure 7: Hele Sear. Grounded No. 8. 2014

I can now see the similarity between our images.  I am pleased that the link was spotted. A future side project will be to add additional images to this mini project.  I will consider using different animals to see how the images compare.


Figure 5: Sear, H. Grounded No.1. 2014. From Helen Sear. (2017). Grounded – 2000. [online] Available at: [Accessed 07 April 2017].

Figure 6: Sear, H. Grounded No.8. 2014. From Helen Sear. (2017). Grounded – 2000. [online] Available at: [Accessed 07 April 2017].

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