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Informing Contexts – Work Evaluation – Sweet Shoot


Figure 1: Sutherst 2017


Figure 2: Sutherst 2017


Figure 3: Sutherst 2017

The intent of this shoot was to create fun and colourful images based around sweets.  The images were not to objective the subject, but to celebrate her youthfulness and versatility.

Very obviously I set up high key lighting against a white background.  The subject os styled in her own clothes with makeup and wig designed by the makeup artist.

I wanted the subject to show how much fun she was having and I wanted her to play up and perform for the camera.

Figure 1 is happy and playful. The arch of the subject’s back makes a pleasing shape across the frame.  The hand of the camera-facing arm is strategically placed on her hip.  This is to add a further shape in the frame and to make sure that her upper arm isn’t squished against her body making it look larger.  The arm is also placed slightly away from the camera to reduce the size it photographs as.  Leaving the gap between the area and body also reduces the size of the body.

The position of the arm holding the bag of sweets and her tongue poking out finish off the composition nicely.

Figure 2 has been edited with a vignette and a slight green cast that complements the outfit of the subject.  The vignette and edit mask that there are folds in the vinyl backdrop.  The pose is cheeky with the nerf gun behind her back.

By crossing her legs, her hips look a bit narrower and the pose is quite casual looking.

Figure 3 has a pleasing body shape.  I decided to experiment with lighting the white backdrop with gels on lights.  I used 4 separate lights and gels to get the colourful candy shot. I am really pleased with the effect these gels had on the backdrop.

The wigs has loads of candy canes and lollypops stuck in it.  Very effective visually but a sticky mess under studio light.

For me this is the most effective of the 3 images.  The image is reminiscent of the extreme makeup and styling in Cindy Sherman’s M.A.C. campaign photographs.  I am pleased with this image.

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