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Positions and Practice – My Practice

My current practice is about self-expression. My goal is to invite the viewer into a fantasy world where they can forget the reality of the conflict and darkness of real life. I see life as a performance. It is a world where fairies and mythical creatures occupy the same reality as everyday life.

I make pictures for adults that take them on a journey to revisit the fairy tales and stories of their childhood. I aim to create dreamlike images in which fiction and reality merge, and meanings shift. This work allows me to explore hidden areas of my imagination and to express my interpretation of life and the fantasy world. I operate in a world where light-heartedness dominates and where rules are meant to be broken.

In the creation of my images, I often attempt to blur the line between photography, embroidery and art. By focusing on techniques and materials, I intend my work to present a perfect finish and tactile nature. I enjoy experimenting and developing my work based on the results. I often create several practically identical images, develop different techniques on these and repeat my ‘mistakes’ in order to perfect my vision for the image.

With influences as diverse as Caravaggio and Roger Ballen, my work explores the relationships between stereotypes and the depiction of fantasy creatures in modern culture. Through multilayered images, I intend to astonish and manipulate the viewer to leave them with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts.

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