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Positions and Practice – Photo-artist or photographer

This week I came across the term ‘photo-artist’ for the first time when a fellow student used the term in one of our discussions.  But what is a photo-artist?  In my opinion this is a photographer that uses photographic equipment and their vision/aesthetic to produce a photograph that is considered artwork.

I consider myself a photo-artist as well as a photographer.  I don’t produce photographs that show the viewer the events of the world.  I produce images that are unique and creative.   I like to experiment and see how far I can push a creative idea. My work is intended to be viewed as art, and not as simply a record of an event.  I have my own voice and I like using it.

These days I have a wide range of tools and equipment at my disposal which enable me to create my images.  I currently use a Holga, a 35mm Nikon F3 film camera, a Mamiyaflex C2 TLR, a mirrorless Sony camera, my iPhone as well as several Nikon DSLRs.  Any of these can produce a beautiful piece of artwork.  Each has a place.  And not forgetting that there is the option to post-process with Photoshop (among others).

My practice has been developing along the artwork route in recent months.  I am constantly looking for ideas as to how I can embellish or manipulate an image to create something unique.  Does this make me less of a photographer?  Of course not.  It just means I have a different viewpoint to more traditional photographers.


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