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Surfaces and Strategies – Collaboration and Participation


During my photoshoots, I have collaborated with many models and make-up artist to produce my performance images. These images may involve the model being clothed or nude. For each shoot the intent and style are discussed as well as the images that we all wish to create. These images are beneficial for both my work and the model’s portfolio.

The shoots are set up by one of several methods:-

  1. Via a casting call on model sites

  2. Via a casting call on social media site

These shoots are a great way to make friends in the modelling industry, as well as push the creativity of the shoot. In many shoots, models are not paid for the shoots. Instead, I pick up the studio costs and provide the model with edited images for their portfolio.

Planning and brainstorming the shoot together with the model and make-up artist makes styling the shoot on the day of much easier and coherent. Also magic is often made with the most creative shots being produced.


For some projects, I get non-models approach me to take part. Many are friends or friends of friends who just want to help me out. In this case, again there is no pay involved and images are shared. These shoots are different in that I fully direct the models to produce exactly the images I need for my project work.

I also get involved in group shoots, where people are encouraged to participate and make new friends.

At times I also use paid models who participate in my work and produce images to a given brief. This allows me to achieve specific shots with a professional model. I can then ensure that projects develop in the planned manner.

So which do I prefer? To be honest, my answer has to be whichever one is going to give me the images I need to progress my project.

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