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Surfaces and Strategies – Considering Other Photographers – Doolbaz

New York based ‘Professional Penis Photographer’ Soraya Doolbaz has made her name with an unusual form of male nude photography. She specialises in dick pics with a difference – her photos are humorous, poking fun at the traditional interpretation of a dick pic. In each of her photographs, the erect penises are dressed as caricatures of famous people.

The project started after she and her friends kept receiving dick pics from random men. She and her friends noticed that the quality of the images varied dependent on who took them and the type of relationship the men are in. Doolbaz discovered that the best pictures were taken by gay men. Based on her observations, she decided it would be funny to treat these photographs like a high fashion shoot. The project has grown from there.

Video 1

“My goal with all this was to make laugh. I wanted to create comfort and confidence around sexuality for me and women. Men should be proud of their dicks regardless of its size or characteristics. Women and gay men should have no shame in enjoying them. The demand is there. Most women, 100% of gay men, LOVE cock. Safe to say most people love cock. So why is it so hidden?”

– Doolbaz, (ABOUT ME 2017)


Figure 1: Doolbaz. Donald “The Dick” Trump. Date Unknown


Figure 2: Soraya Doolbaz Dicture Gallery:

Doolbaz only shoots couples. The partner dresses the penises, this is not something that Doolbaz gets involved with. She will not shoot men on their own. This is a wise move on her part for her own personal safety.

When asked if the work that she produces could be classed as porn, Doolbaz replied. “It’s art! It makes you feel something when you see it. It’s usually laughter but some people get turned on too. How often does that happen at the same time?” (Boning Up With Dick Photographer Soraya Doolbaz [EXCLUSIVE] | People Magazine 2017)


Figure 3: The Best Soraya Blogs – Notey 2017


Figure 4: (Boning Up With Dick Photographer Soraya Doolbaz [EXCLUSIVE] | People Magazine 201

Whilst Doolbaz has been quite pioneering in her approach and the types of photographs she produces, it is not the type of work I am looking to create, particularly shooting men with an erection. Before my shoots with male nude models, we do have a conversation about what will happen if an erection occurs.

My rule is that the shoot stops as this not a situation I am comfortable with. All my models have agreed so far to this and are actually grateful that this sensitive topic has been discussed openly at the start. Thankfully this has never happened to date.


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