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Surfaces and Strategies – Considering Other Photographers – Maricevic

Since I first came across Maricevic’s work in April 2017, a lot has changed.  A simple search on Google (or other search engines) does not show any photographs.  Her website and her blog site both now are unavailable. I have tried to contact her directly to discuss both her work and mine, and have received no response to date. The mystery remains for the moment.

So, the only images that I can use in this blog post are those contained in the 2 videos below and one image that I have previously used (figure 1).

Video 1

Video 2

Vivienne Maricevic is a female photographer who has been taking fine art nude photographs of men for a long time. Her subject choice may seem surprising, especially when you realise that her photographs go beyond the typical 20-something male Chippendale-style image.  Her models are real men.  Many of these are older men.


Figure 1: Vivienne Maricevic. John H. 2014

Maricevic inspires me because, as a female photographer, I am excited that she has been challenging the lack of male nude images for more than 40 years (figure 1).  She creates images that challenge the male gaze and the presumption that the male nude is something that should not be seen and is somehow taboo. Maricevic explores how we enjoy these images through the images that she shoots.  Her work considers why female nudes are considered more acceptable, yet the male nude still has a stigma attached to it.  Many of her images are highly sexualised and objectify men.  This is not an area of the genre I will be exploring at this stage.


Figure 1:  Vivienne Maricevic. 2014. John H.  Still Shooting Men. 2017. Still Shooting Men. [online] Available at: [Accessed 02 April 2017].


Video 1: She Shoots Men—Vivienne Maricevic (Book Promo). 2017. YouTube [online]. Available at: [accessed 13 May 2017].

Video 2: Desnudos masculinos – Vivienne Maricevic, fotógrafa. 2017. YouTube [online]. Available at: [accessed 13 July 2017].

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