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Surfaces and Strategies – Exhibition Initial Plans

Exhibition brief (, 2017)

Individual requirements

  1. work to be exhibited (from current projects)

  2. space / place for exhibition (e.g. galleries, cafes, offices, libraries)

  3. individual web page / gallery of own design (e.g. Squarespace, WordPress)

  4. local exhibition information (e.g. venue, location, directions, social media)

  5. promotional images / materials (e.g. installation views, production stills, documentary videos)

  6. thumbnail, text and URL (see ‘share globally’ above)

Exhibit locally

Each student is responsible for setting up a local display / presentation of their work, accessible and viewable to the general public, for a period of seven days. General guidance about possible spaces / places will be provided in Week 6 should you need it.

The size, scale and format of the work displayed is entirely the decision of each student but the work must be from your current research project, and relevant to its development. As exhibitions are commonly used as a means to gather feedback about work produced, you may therefore wish to think of this as an opportunity to test how an audience engages and receives your work.


Exhibitions are expected to take place from August 11 to August 18 (with any opening parties expected to take place on August 11).

My response to the brief

Five key words describing my practice / project. 

  • Exaggerated

  • Awkward

  • Odd

  • Performance

  • Staged

One sentence describing the aims of the work I might display.

  • My aim is to understand and capture how individuals perform in front of a camera lens.

One sentence describing roughly where and what my display could look like (e.g. a white-walled gallery exhibition of 10 small framed prints).

  • My most likely exhibited images would ideally be displayed either as unframed images in a white-walled gallery, or as large prints on fabric (?) or tarpaulin which would be hung from trees in a forest or wooded area.

My exhibition will feature my performance work.  There will be a mix of work newly created and a few from the last module.

I considered 2 main options for the installation –

  1. outdoors based in Forest of Dean – at the moment I have not had chance to pursue this further, but intend to keep working on it

  2. exhibition inside.

I have chosen to exhibit at the studio where the images were created – where the magic is made… The exhibition is being run in the memory of Hannah Cubin, a young model who tragically died before Christmas just days after her 14th birthday.  All donations and proceeds from print sales, workshops, portrait sessions etc will be donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance who tried valiantly so hard to save Hannah. Her parents have already raised in excess of £60K in her memory. I would like to add to that. Her parents are very supportive of the exhibition.

The images will be wall mounted without frames and placed on white walls. There will be the opportunity to have your portrait taken for a donation to the charity.

The images are being selected at the moment and will be published soon.

When the installations plans are completed, I will post a blog about them.

REFERENCE (2017). Log In to Canvas. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 July 2017].

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