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Surfaces and Strategies – Krakow Group Project

During the face to face event in Krakow, we were placed into 3 groups.  Each group then selected a envelope with their title in it.

The brief was to make a small body of work of images in the allocated groups.  The work needed to respond to the title, Krakow and work seen in exhibitions in Krakow.  The work had to show discernment in image choice, with at least one image per person in the group.  The group had 48 hours to complete the project before presenting it the the other 2 groups and university staff.

I was placed in a group with Matus (from cohort 2) and Tomasz (from cohort 3).

On opening the envelope, we discovered that our title was ‘LIMINAL’.

The Oxford Dictionary (2017) definition for liminal is:-

– Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.

– Occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

We decided to concentrate on the spaces, time and people in-between thresholds. We first tried shots with teabags and tea to show the stages involved.  We agreed to shoot within this remit and reconvene over the weekend.

The images that I produced for the project are shown below.

We each brought images to the next meeting and produced a shortlist of images. The contact sheet of the shortlisted images we produced is shown below.


After much discussion, the images were finalised and the finished body of work was compiled and is shown below. We presented this a group, each of us talking a bit about our own images.

I really enjoyed working with other members of the course that I did not know before. As a team were balanced and worked well together.  We didn’t argue over the choices we made, but had rational discussions about the merits of each image.  We then worked on the order in which the images should be presented, agreeing on the final version quite easily.

On reflection, we realised that we could have split this work into a couple of separate bodies of work which would each stand up to scrutiny. But, this was a successful project completed in a very short time.


liminal – definition of liminal in English | Oxford Dictionaries. 2017. Oxford Dictionaries | English [online]. Available at: [accessed 26 May 2017].

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