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Surfaces and Strategies – PhotoMonth 2017 – Andrzej Georgiew, Layers – A Visual Record

Andrzej Georgiew died in  2016.  He specialised in the portraits of cultural people including actors, writers and musicians. His chosen equipment was large format cameras which allowed him to communicate with his models and get to know them.

Georgiew returned to the same portraits over and over again, exploring the different layers of the sitter.  As he said in the quote in the images below says “I keep getting the feeling that I’m always taking the same photograph”.  Each time he shot the portrait he was able to peel back another layer.  Each image differed from the others by the tiniest of differences.  Georgiew was able to scrutinise these differences and work out which was the image to choose and why.

The exhibition venue had several rooms, each with an interesting mix of images.  The bathroom was decorated with explicit paintings by several artists.  These often humorous images had meanings that were clear and compelling (see below).


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