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Surfaces and Strategies – Publication Dummy Versions – Folded Card Initial Versions

In order to explore folded versions of photobooks and other ways of presenting my work, I planned out and drew the following onto CAD software and cut them on a laser cutter.

Folded card version1 shown below is a simple fold out card version.  It was very simple to produce and could easily be commercially manufactured.  This proved to be a little predictable and basic for the intent I had and could only display a very limited number of images.

Folder Card Version 1

Versions 2, 3 and 4 were based around triangles.  Whilst these all work well as folded shapes, the images would need to be edited to fit the shape and would not be terribly practical.

Folded Card Version 2

Folded Card Version 3

Folded Card Version 4

Again, these seem quite straightforward but with the limitations of the images that would work effectively.  Back to the drawing board then…

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