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Surfaces and Strategies – Publication Number Five

To make the publication contain my current body of work, I produced a book that had an air of mystery about it.  I chose to include sayings and words to support the images.

The scrapbook used has a leather cover and is easily obtainable from Amazon. I feel that untying the cord to access the book adds mystery to the content.  It is like the reader is undressing the body of work, in much the same way as the models undressed for the shoot.

This method of publication works effectively but would be impractical on a large scale.  The hand written words could be typed, but this will lose some of its appeal.  However, as a one off, this could be a way to disseminate my work within a larger context.  Viewers could be encouraged to pick up the book and view the work rather than look up at walls.

The words do feel quite contrived at times and I feel that they do detract from the image in some cases.  More thought and dummy versions will be required if I decide on this as a publication type.

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