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Surfaces and Strategies – Publication Number Six

As much of my work has been about performance, I decided it would be quite a fun idea to publish the work as though it was on a film reel.


Figure 1: CAD design file

Using an old cable reel as the basis, I designed film and reel sides to fit.  These were cut out on a laser cutter.  The manufacture and assembly of the reel was quite fiddly and required additional pairs of hands at times.

As can be seen in video 1, the result is effective, even if it has a mind of its own when it comes to being videoed!  The film material would be improved if it were changed to a thinner, more pliable material.

Video 1

Realistically, this would not be a publication method I would be unlikely to be looking to use in the future.  The production of it is fiddly and the images are really small.  As a display item, this does potentially have a future for my work.

It is a fun item, but does detract from the more serious content of my current project.

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