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Surfaces and Strategies – Shoot Mod3#27 – Performance, Art Nude and Body Shapes – “Afton”

Having shot with Afton before at groups shoots, I was very excited to shoot with her and not have to wait my turn.  Afton is an amazing and vivacious model, who has an infectious smile.

She turned up to the shoot with tons of beautiful outfits.  I had reckoned on a 2 hour shoot – nope not to be.  This was more like 4!  And it could have gone on for much longer had it not been an evening shoot and work beckoned in the morning.

Afton is an absolute joy to work with.  She has enthusiasm in bucket loads.  She is such a positive person who exudes beauty from within.  Her joie de vivre, poise and grace as well as boundless energy and ideas made my job as the photographer easy.

She is exceptionally meticulous with positioning, making any slight change in direction or pose really easily.  Her posing is intuitive and effortless.

Each costume change brought a different character with it.  And, as always, we laughed a lot.


We also found time to produce a few art nudes and two amazing bodyscapes that are perfect for my current portfolio.  Afton’s ability to contort and bend is mind boggling. I was concerned she might hurt herself or snap!  But the results are just stunning.

Thank you Afton for such a fun and amazing shoot – till next time 🙂

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