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Surfaces and Strategies – Shoot Mod3#30 – Body Parts – “Simon”

‘Simon’ (not his real name) came along as a volunteer to be photographed for my body parts project.  The shoot took place just a few days before the deadline, once I thought my portfolio was finalised.  For various reasons, he has asked not to be identified.

‘Simon’ was keen to help and had never taken part in a shoot like this before, but thought ‘why not?’ when he saw my Facebook casting call, even though he did not know me.

‘Simon’ explained that once he turned 50, he had a few health problems and made sure that he lived life to the full now, taking advantage of all opportunities that came his way.  He was understandably nervous about being naked in front of the camera. Very soon though, he was happily posing.

‘Simon’ has the most interesting body, with moles and skin tags, lumps and bumps.  He happily pointed out what others might see as flaws, but I see them as only human (the WHOLE POINT of my project!). The shoot threw me into a spin after as there were 3 images (shown below) that were worthy of inclusion into my final portfolio. The amazing shots are shown below.


I am so very grateful that ‘Simon’ came along to help.  His generosity and honesty have enabled me to produce images that are strong and powerful reminders of why this project is so very important to all who have taken part, and those who are following it with interest.

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