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Surfaces and Strategies – Shoots Mod3#19-24 – Body Parts

As the body part project is gathering pace, I have been fortunate enough to photograph some amazing people. By just photographing parts of their bodies, there is much left to the imagination of the viewer.  In a sense, the parts of the body that are missing are just as important to the story.

Each body part has its own story to tell.  We wonder where the feet or legs may have taken the person.  We wonder what kind of work the hands have done. Who and what have they touched?

Other body parts tell different stories.  Scars and stretch marks tell of events past. Tattoos  give us an insight into the personality of the owner.  Do they hide behind the tattoo or do they wear their heart on their sleeve?

This project shows off parts of the naked body and highlights specific features to illustrate just how unique and special each body is.  During the shoots, the lighting set up has been a key feature in capturing the details.  I have set the lights so that shadows are cast to accentuate the lines and curves in the body.  The visible skin of the body is just part of the story.  I wanted to record effect the bones, muscles and ligaments have on the skin.  These create the most amazing areas of shadow and highlight in the image.

I have been using models of all ages, size, genders etc to emphasise that everybody has beautiful and unique features that we should celebrate. Below is a small selection of the images taken during these shoots.

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