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Surfaces and Strategies – Where will this lead?

I have several ideas as to where the work could go next…

  1. Each part of our body has its own story to tell. When we view images of body parts, we wonder where feet or legs may have taken the person. We wonder what kind of work their hands have done. Who and what have they touched?  Other body parts tell different stories. Scars and stretch marks tell of events past.  There are so many more stories that the human body has not told me yet and I intend to continue to work along this theme as I move into module 4.

  2. There will still be shoots that investigate performance in front of the camera as this still interests me long term.

  3. I never got the opportunity in this module to to revisit the work of Mary Ellen Mark, Ward 81. I am still planning to further explain mental health issues and treatment through staged portraits. The work of Julia Fullerton-Batten, amongst others, will form a starting point for my research into staged work.

  4. I have been asked to carry out more art nude shoots with plus-size models, so this is also an area of development I could consider

  5. I would like to produce a body of work that highlights Addison’s Disease (something I have).  I have ideas around crowdsourcing some images as well as staging some images to portray aspects of this rare and often misunderstood condition.

There are a lot of ideas here and I am realistic enough to know that I cannot complete them all in this module.  I am going to give it a couple of weeks to think about things and then I will start to explore the ideas.  There are exciting times ahead and although this is my current thinking on the next steps, I am fully aware that things may change as I progress through my research and experimentation.

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