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Surfaces and Strategies – Workshop Initial Plans

When we were first informed of the requirement to present a workshop.  I have completed these as both a participant and leader in the past, so feel that this will be a fun activity.

As a qualified teacher, I am used to standing in front of groups, engaging them in activities that ultimately will lead to them to produce photographs that they are proud of.

I am a member of a local female camera club and I was asked to provide a workshop on photographing the male art nude model.  I was actually asked before the module started and so plans were already in place for this to happen.

I will be planning the workshop very much like I plan lessons at school.  There will be the opportunity for the participants to practice, apply and reflect on what they have learnt.

The adverts have gone out and I await people signing up.

The advert:-


The male art nude workshop will be on Saturday 12th August and will coincide with my exhibition at Pozers. You will also get a guided tour of the exhibition on the day. You will also receive full training notes.

All profits (after model and studio costs have been covered) will be donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance in memory of Hannah Cubin. Please support me in raising as much money as possible with this workshop.

Watch out for more events planned from 11th – 18th August to raise as much money as possible.

Only 6 spaces available. Book early to get this amazing price and to ensure your space.

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