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Sustainable Prospects – Behind the Mask – Image Presentation Style 1

My initial thoughts for the presentation of the images involved three main images:-

  1. my ‘normal’ face – the one where I wear the mask

  2. my masked face

  3. my unmasked, raw face.

I envisaged each image being separated by tracing paper (like I have seen used effectively at UNSEEN by Lara Gasparotto).  The tracing paper allows there to be a layer of privacy between each image.  By physically pulling back the tracing paper, the viewer is revealing the different layers to the faces that we see.  

The viewer is intruding on the privacy of the subject.  They have become somewhat of a voyeur into the lives of those in the images.

The translation of this physical idea into one that could be viewed on a computer screen was flawed.  The semi-transparent layers (that are used to represent the tracing paper) become more of an annoyance to the viewer.  The physical aspect of pulling the tracing paper back is lost in the technology.

The images themselves are still powerful but are overpowered and overshadowed by the poor execution of the idea of layers.

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