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Sustainable Prospects – Instagram Challenge

As part of the module in week 3, we were challenged to “try and create and implement an Instagram strategy that you feel will help you reach future, potential clients (whether ad agencies, curators or potential collectors), and then develop your account so you have 30 followers over the course of a week.” (, 2017)

I have had the account since May 2016.  Whilst I regularly add to my account, I have not previously embarked on a dedicated strategy to get more followers.  I regularly update my other social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and as well as to my CRJ. I try to upload something most weeks and ensure that I upload a variety of images including sneak peeks of new shoots.

My strategy for the week was to actively post something every day and keep promoting my Instagram where I can. My starting point was 153 followers (on 07/10/17) and my aim was to add 30 during the week.

The first thing I did was to sign up to on a free account and schedule my posts for Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Google+.  I was able to schedule everything in advance and the application then posts at the pre-determined time.

I also chose to follow other photographers and creatives in an attempt to get them to follow me. This has been quite successful in getting others to follow me back. Liking and commenting on posts of other users has generated followers. I have also responded to each comment that has been posted on my images. This more active engagement has created an organic growth in followers.

I have reviewed my use of tags and found that some of the best tags for generating interest have been linked to my use of my new Fuji X-T2.  These hashtags seem to be very active and have created some followers.

Sharing my Instagram posts to my Facebook page is another way that I have actively promoted my feed this week.

I have worked hard this week to increase my following.  At the end of the week-long experiment, I now have 231 followers (at 20:00 on 15/10/17).  This is a growth of 78, which was above my expectations.

Amongst my new followers are galleries and other marketing people.  This is very encouraging for the future of my practice.

Moving forwards, I will keep using Buffer to schedule my posts and I will keep trying to increase my following further. Each week I will set myself a target and objectives that I aim to achieve. Interested to see how much I can grow my following.

REFERENCES (2017). Log in to canvas. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Oct. 2017].

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