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Sustainable Prospects – Let’s Talk Business

One of the activities set for week 2, was to consider 3 different parts of a business plan and to write specific versions for our current project work.

The elements we needed to consider were:-

  1. Mission Statement

  2. The Product

  3. The Market

Before writing each of these, I researched on the internet for examples as well as read Lisa Pritchard’s ‘Setting Up A Successful Photography Business’.

Pritchard describes each of the above elements as:-

“Mission Statement – A summary of your photography business

The Product – Your photography niche and the services you offer

The Market – Who will buy your photography?”

– (Pritchard, 2011: 56)

There are useful websites that offered general reading and insight into what others wrote for their business plans. One website offers a lot of business plan advice and covers areas not considered in this activity.  They included objectives and the success factors that a business might be measured by.

In many of the example plans online, the market was analysed in detail and they also consider the competition and threats to the business.  As we move through the course, these will probably be areas that we need to consider in more detail.

Plans also include consideration for how the business is to be marketed and promoted. The sales and financial aspects of the business were also in the plans.  Pritchard covers these areas in detail in her book too.

For this activity, I considered my current work for the MA and used that as a starting point for the draft below.  There is still work to do on the statements presented, but they are a solid starting point.

Mission Statement

To explore portraiture, styled photo shoots and performance photography to create artistic and expressive photographs. My aim is to photograph anyone who has stood in front of the mirror and not felt good about what they see in the mirror, as well as those who are already comfortable in their own skin.  For me it is all about the portrait – it’s all about the who and why.  I want to capture who people really are.

I believe in the individuality of each person I photograph, and I am passionate about getting to know him or her to ensure that their personality is reflected in the resultant images.  I create photography sessions that are dynamic yet comfortable, allowing the client to relax fully and be themselves in front of the camera. At all times, clients receive the highest level of attention and commitment from me as I work to ensure an enjoyable and empowering experience.


The product of the photo shoots will be multi-faceted.  The photographic images will form an exhibition and photobook that will empower those in the body of work and those who view it.  The images will also form the basis of my current portfolio.  The clients will experience a fully organized and planned photo shoot that is either studio based or on-site.  My process involves me dressing the set, styling the client and the use of props as necessary. All photographs are sympathetically edited to the highest standard.  Each client will leave a photo shoot feeling confident and happy with the results.


As for markets and dissemination of my work, I aim to have the work exhibited either physically or online, and sold as prints and a photobook.  I am also looking to secure commissions for portraits, both private commissions, and corporate ones.

I am also keen to progress with future workshops and other education avenues to promote the power of the portrait.

I still have work to do on identifying the potential markets for my work, but I presented the above in the weekly webinar.  The statements were well received and feedback was positive.


Pritchard, L. (2011). Setting up a successful photography business. London: A & C Black.

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