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Sustainable Prospects – Project Intent Update

“Behind every mask is a face, and behind that a story”

– Marty Rubin (, 2017)

Each of us has things we do not reveal to the world – illness, depression, sadness, PTSD etc. We wear a mask every day to face the world and keep who we really are hidden. This includes me – I have Addison’s Disease.

We are all unique and we should celebrate that fact, not hide behind masks that make us conform to what we believe is expected of us.  Masks affect every area of our lives and how we interact with those around us.  They affect how we engage with our day to day life and with our relationships.

These masks become all-encompassing.  They prevent us from doing what we love and from being who we are.  Our lives become skewed to match the identity we are portraying to others. We become the identity we have chosen to wear.

But what lies behind the masks? What stories are there to tell? My project intent is to record the portraits of volunteers with their masks on and off; they will be photographed how they want others to see them.  I will use the information they provide me about what is behind the mask, to work on and with the images to explore our relationship with our masks and our true identities.

REFERENCES (2017). What Is The Story Behind Your Mask? by Sheeba Varghese | Noomii. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 Oct. 2017].

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