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Sustainable Prospects – Shoot Mod4#21 – Behind the Mask – My Mask #1

Every day when I am wearing my mask to face the world, I feel like I am looking out through a filter. To replicate this in front of the camera, I decided to use a sheer material to replicate this effect.

I am not really sure what I expected the images to turn out like.  This experiment was more concerned with how it feels to look through this veil of a mask. There was a degree of blurring of my sight due to the weave of the fabric. It was almost impossible to keep my glasses in place on the outside of the fabric as they kept sliding off. This mask did not adhere to my face so is a much more temporary one.

I relate this experience to those where I glaze over and go into my own little world whilst appearing to still be present in the company of others. Here I can retreat with my thoughts and not reveal to those around me what is going on in my very active mind.

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