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Sustainable Prospects – Volunteer Feedback

The volunteers in my project have been amazing throughout the process.  I have received some feedback from each of them once their blogs have been written.  Some comments and screenshots of the posts they have placed on social media sites are shown below.

Each of these comments and shares makes me realise just how important this project is to so many. It fills me with determination to get these stories noticed.

“Thank you, it’s beautifully done and produced tears x”

“It’s great darling… totally approve and I am glad I could help!!!! It’s just a good thing I have those boxes stored away, or I might look like that driveling mess all the time !!! Lol !!!! It made me realise how good I am at switching off my emotions . . . you’ve done a great job darling xx keep up the fabulous work”

“Looks good. Thanks once again.”

“Great thank you looks brill!! Xxx”

“Thank you for doing it such a great idea!

“Thanks Jo! Lovely words you said!”

“Jo you’re amazing thank you so much it’s perfect!”

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