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Final Major Project: Exhibition Edits – Image 2


Figure 1: ‘Make me more appealing for Instagram’ 2018 Jo Sutherst

Following on from Esther Honig’s ‘Before and After’ project and my retouching experiment, I created the above grid for display.

GRID INFORMATION (L-R, top to bottom):-

Original / Canada / India / Mexico

China / California / India / Hungary

Vietnam / Texas / India / New York

London / Bangladesh / Australia / India


Figure 1: Viewer interaction with the image 2018 Sutherst

Visitors to the exhibition were fascinated with this image. All viewers agree that the original image is the best one (surprisingly a view I share). There were quite a few disagreements between couples as to the best edit, with no clear favourite chosen over the exhibition duration.

These conversations were really interesting. The differences between the edits are emphasized by the grid structure.  The implications for everyday internet usage are that on a global level, an ideal and universal idea of beauty is an elusive beast indeed.

One visitor commented on a feedback card that every school child should be shown this image so that they can see what happens online.

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