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Final Major Project: IoP Symposium Talk – Wendy McMurdo – 19-02-18

“The Route to Publication” talk by Wendy McMurdo – key points:-

  1. As photographers we are aiming to resolve and visualise our projects

  2. We need to explore themes of publication and the alternative routes to publication

  3. More and more we are moving away from the traditional paradigm of the photobook and the solo exhibition

  4. We need to consider other options including zines and online platforms.

  5. Consider collaboration to publish projects in the public domain

  6. Use of social media for publishing or raising profile of work

  7. Use of 3D models as part of the work – David Moore

  8. Can’t control all aspects of the route to publication

  9. Take opportunities for publication as they arise

  10. A project may take many iterations before it is ready for publication

  11. It is really important to draw others to your work

  12. Research other artists – try to work with them

  13. Show your work to others who will be interested in your work

Publishing platforms include:-

  1. Photobook

  2. Solo exhibition

  3. Zine

  4. Online

  5. Social media

  6. Blog – photos and narrative

  7. Digital animations

Actions Arising:-

  1. Consider DACS paper on social media

  2. Read the Photographers Gallery blog “Unthinking Photography”

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