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Surfaces and Strategies – Installation Research

Over the course of the last few year, I have been visiting exhibitions as much as I can.  I have written blog posts on those that I have been to.

Overall, the one thing that I have learnt from viewing the work of others is that pretty much anything goes when it comes to exhibitions. I have seen exhibitions in rundown, neglected buildings, in art galleries, in caravan, in cubes outdoors etc.  The work has been displayed in handmade frames, framed, hung like curtains over windows, fastened to the wall with tacks or pins, stuck to the wall, hung using bulldog clips, etc.

The hanging method should support and enhance the work.  It should reflect the style of the images presented and should not adversely affect the interpretation of the work.

For my exhibition, I wanted to do something different and have had the idea that I will peg the images to washing lines suspended along the walls. I had the bright idea whilst driving home from work (as you do).  I haven’t seen this used anywhere else and it will really suit the performance images quirky nature.

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