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Surfaces and Strategies – Publication Number Seven

Working with folded card again, I had an idea of producing an exhibition in a book.

Firstly, I designed a series of 3 sided shapes on a CAD program.  These were cut on a laser cutter and folded into shapes and stuck together with double sided sticky tape.  These shapes were stuck together to produce the first prototype shown in video 1 below.

Video 1

With this prototype successfully produced, I decided to produce a larger version with doors between the rooms. This required careful planning to ensure the doors matched up.

The main issue I faced was with the edges of the card after laser cutting.  A residue was left which blackened my fingers.  In order not to get this on the card, hygiene was crucial. Assembly was as before, with care and attention being given to the alignment of the doors.

Video 2 below shows the completed publication of an exhibition in a book. The images

Video 2

This publication allows the viewer to reflect and revisit an exhibition at any point in time. It offers the reader more in the second and subsequent viewings of each image as seen in its displayed context.

The quirky nature of the publication lends itself well to my quest to understand performance – in itself is a performance. The opening of the book and the revealing of the ‘rooms’ is very compelling and theatrical.

Overall, this is my favourite publication and the one that fits best with the work I have been doing with performance.

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