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Surfaces and Strategies – Publication Number Two

After I had the TWENTYSIX BUS STOPS project printed by Blurb, I decided to get the Performance project printed as well.

Whilst it is relatively simple to produce these photobooks via Blurb, it does feel a little impersonal to me when I compiled the Performance book.  Yes, I did complete the layout and choose the text etc., but I did not physically put the images into the books. The Performance project is one that I am personally involved in and that is why I think I feel like I do about it.

The photobook has a definite gallery feel about it.  The grey pages at the front and the grey text are in keeping with how I presented my portfolio at the end of the last module.

I have used a sans serif font to improve the readability of the text in my portfolio.   The only text contained in my portfolio is the title of each image. I have used faded grey for the text instead of black so it does not distract away from the image.

The images are untitled to preserve some ambiguity in the interpretation of their narrative.  My inspiration for this was Cindy Sherman, who left many of her images  untitled and open to the viewer’s interpretation. Performance means different things to different people, so this strategy works well in my body of work.

I do feel that in the photobook some of the performance aspect has been lost.  The smaller scale will make the images more intimate than they were initially intended to be.

More experiments and trials beckon…

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