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Surfaces and Strategies – Shoot Mod3#26 – Art Nude – “Tyra Storm”

I lucky to be able to book a slot with Tyra Storm recently.  An experienced art nude model, Tyra was easily able to produce poses that are classical in origin.  Whilst this means that they are often viewed with a male gaze, the images are still striking beautiful to look at.

Tyra is very easy to work with – she concentrates fully on her work and makes the art of posing look very easy. By working with shear fabrics, we were able to introduce an element of implied nude to the images. By obscuring or semi-obscuring parts of her body, Tyra was able to create images that are both classy an artistic.  The appeal of these images would not be limited to just the male viewer. The implied nature of nudity in some of these images creates beautiful, non-sexualised images that celebrate the human body.

I decided on colour edits for the majority of these images.  This is down to the colour palette we used in the studio.  Converting all images to monochrome would lose the vibrancy of the shear fabrics.

We also found time during the shoot to create 2 powerful images for my current body of work on body parts.

I have shot Tyra many times and she never disappoints.  I look forward to more shoots with her in the future.

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