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Surfaces and Strategies – Shoot Mod3#6 – Performance – “Didi”

The intent of this shoot was to create fun and colourful images based around aspects of performance. The images were not to objective the model, but to celebrate her vitality and versatility.

The model is styled in her own clothes with makeup by a makeup artist. The aim was to show how much fun she was having and I wanted her to play up and perform for the camera.

Figure 1: Sutherst. 2017

The images in figure 1 are happy and playful. The model has an enticing and inviting gaze that draws the viewer in. In each image, the gaze is direct to camera and subsequently direct to the viewer.

During the shoot I used a variety of coloured gels and lighting arrangements to create the variety of backdrops in the images. They were shot in high key against a white background.

The model comes from a burlesque background and is so much fun to shoot. This really comes across in the images as her smile engages the viewer. She is a beautiful model both inside and out who wants to do the very best in each shoot to make sure that the photographer is happy with every single shot. Didi has so many costumes that it was hard to select the ones to shoot with.

These images have a Cindy Sherman feel to them. Once again, I am drawn to the playful, colourful images that make me smile. The whole shoot was about performance in front of the camera and Didi did this marvellously throughout. With each costume change she assumed and portrayed a different character. In front of the camera (and in real life), Didi is very body confident and this comes across in the images.

The images produced were collaborative in their composition and there was an awful lot of laughter in the studio throughout the shoot.

Didi has offered to do an art nude shoot with me for my project. This is very exciting and will produce images that are not stereotypical of a female art nude shoot which is amazing and the kind of image I want to produce – exciting times to come.

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